Cari Lekebusch / DJ set / Full Spectrum Series 2015-2018 (130min)

Continous mix compiled from all the tracks in the Full Spectrum exclusive colored 10 x Vinyl series.

Released on H-Productions between 2015 and 2018. Catalog numbers HYB027 to HYB036.

All tracks written and produced – mixed and recorded
by Cari Lekebusch at the HPHQ Stockholm.

tracklist (Vinyl color code):

Return To Base 1 (RED)
No System 2 (PURPLE)
Return To Base 2 (RED)
Full Spectrum 2 (MULTI)
Funkhaos 1 (ORANGE)
Styge 2 (LIGHT BLUE)
Knowledge (Anu) (PINK)
Green Light 1 (GREEN)
Hide and Seek 1 (BLACK/WHITE)
Premonition 1 (YELLOW)
Eye Sight 2 (DARK BLUE)
Green Light 2 (GREEN)
Knowledge (Una) (PINK)
Eye Sight 1 (DARK BLUE)
Premonition 2 (YELLOW)
No System 1 (PURPLE)
Styge 1 (LIGHT BLUE)
Full Spectrum 1 (MULTI)
Hide and Seek 2 (BLACK/WHITE)
Funkhaos 2 (ORANGE)