It’s no mystery that cannabis holds amazing potential to impact our health. Over 23,000 published studies have made that clear, for anyone who chooses to educate themselves. Best of all, cannabis is easy and inexpensive to produce, especially compared to most pharmaceutical or technological innovations. We envision making cannabis health products an affordable staple found in refrigerators and medicine cabinets worldwide — and we’re already well on our way to making that a reality.

Many people ask us why a company called Medical Marijuana, Inc. doesn’t sell marijuana, and the answer is two-fold. Firstly, we can make a greater impact today by focusing on products that are federally legal today. There are many great medical marijuana product companies out there, but we reach more customers than most of those companies simply because we’re not limited by state lines.

We’re proud to say that through our distribution divisions, HempMeds® and Kannaway®, we have sold CBD hemp oil products to over 200,000 people. Inc. and the cannabis industry at large.

Secondly, we know that making cannabis mainstream involves taking it beyond smokables and edibles into more consumer-friendly products. Surveys show that fewer than 8% of Americans use marijuana (1), but 50% of Americans take vitamins regularly (2). As cannabis use transforms into a daily health decision, we know customers will much more closely resemble today’s vitamin takers than today’s marijuana smokers. With that in mind, we’ve worked hard to develop consumer products that fit right in on your kitchen counter.

Our Progress

We’re proud to say that through our distribution divisions, HempMeds® and Kannaway®, we have sold CBD hemp oil products to over 200,000 people. We’ve also been able to offer the first ever legal cannabis products in Brazil and Mexico, creating the first cannabis access for over 320 million people.

Our Cannabis Products

Our products focus on CBD hemp oil, a fully legal extract from carefully cultivated hemp plants, that is non-psychoactive, contains a full spectrum of phytocannabinoids, and is high in CBD (cannabidiol). It contains almost no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is one of the reasons it can be sold nationwide legally. The research on CBD (cannabidiol), suggests that it has an even wider body of health applications than THC.

Our CBD products include pure CBD hemp oil extracts, tinctures, sprays, capsules, and even vaporizers. We also offer a full complement of CBD hemp oil bath and body products, from shampoo and conditioner to bath soaks and acne treatments! Learn more about our brands below.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil®Real Scientific Hemp Oil®

Real Scientific Hemp Oil®

Real Scientific Hemp Oil® is our flagship CBD hemp oil product line. It’s been at the center of many people getting access to cannabis products for the first time, including being the first legal cannabis product of any kind in Brazil and Mexico, where it is a prescription medication. RSHO® has been featured in Forbes and Bloomberg, and major media outlets like ABC and CNN.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil® is available in Green Label, Blue Label and Gold Label varieties of pure CBD hemp oil, as well as capsules, tinctures, liquids and a topical salve.

Dixie Botanicals®Dixie Botanicals®

Dixie Botanicals®

Dixie Botanicals® has the distinction of being the first ever mainstream CBD hemp oil product available for sale when it came on the market in 2012! Dixie Botanicals® CBD products are designed for the active, health conscious consumer who wants to make CBD part of their daily routine. Dixie Botanicals has also caught the eye of the media, being featured by Vice, NBC, Univision, and was even covered by 60 minutes.

The Dixie Botanicals® product line includes delicious Dew Drops, capsules, topical salve and Dixie Stix, a pure CBD hemp oil product.

CanChew® GumCanChew® Gum

CanChew® Gum

CanChew® Gum is a first-of-it’s-kind CBD hemp oil chewing gum. Developed in 2013, it’s still one of our best selling products, and a convenient way for customers to get their daily CBD. We plan to do much more with chewing gum in the future, as AXIM Biotechnologies®, part of our family of companies, owns the patent for chewing gum as a delivery method for cannabinoids. E busy and not eating the best, and don’t have time to slow down, make KannaKick™ your go-to when you’re on the go!

Cannabis Beauty Defined™Cannabis Beauty Defined™

Cannabis Beauty Defined™

Cannabis Beauty Defined™ is an exclusive, award-winning anti-aging skin care line distributed by Kannaway™. Cannabis Beauty Defined™ products are formulated by master herbalists with synergistic Bi-Bong™ formulas that work synergistically with natural CBD from full spectrum hemp oil. The line has been featured in Vogue, Elle, USA Today and more!

Cannabis Beauty Defined™ includes a Day & Night Serum, Moisturizer, Exfoliant, Cleanser, Toner, and Bath Soak.



HempVĀP® was the first CBD hemp oil vaporizer product on the market, providing a stylish and natural alternative to smoking. The HempVĀP® line also includes a variety of unique vaping flavors and a sleek, custom-designed vaporizer pen.



Kannactiv® is the first ever CBD skin care line, featuring synergistic CBD/Bi-Bong™ formulas for clear, noticeably clean, even toned, and healthy skin. The Kannactiv™ daily regimen for troubled skin is made of all-natural high-quality formulas designed to provide deep nourishment and bring balance to your skin. Kannactiv™ works to detoxify the pores clearing excess oil, dirt, and irritants that lead to blemishes, revealing a healthy looking complexion.



Rev!ve™ and rev!ve™ Pro are amazingly delicious nutrient-rich blends built upon time-tested, proprietary ancient herbal formulations. rev!ve™ contains whole food CBD hemp oil paired with synergistic Bi-Bong™ herbs, vitamin D, and natural MCT oil.

The rev!ve™ line contains 5 products, designed to be consumed as part of a daily routine. Rev!ve™ AM should be taken first thing in the morning for clarity, focus and energy, rev!ve™ Capsules for a midday boost, and rev!ve™ PM for peaceful rest. Rev!ve’s topical salve and rev!ve™ Pro products can be added to your daily regimen as necessary.

As cannabis continues to become a more widely accepted product and ingredient in other products, we are consistently taking opportunities to develop new products, or partner with other companies that have created them.